Recording Voice Over for Collaborative Video Project

About a year ago I met Paige Dansinger on Twitter. Paige is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based artist who, among many things, uses her ipad to draw and paint pictures.┬áPaige will tell you she’s just trying to engage people in art and use a playful manner to educate and excite, but Paige does more than draw on her ipad. Paige uses a program she developed called #DrawArt and when she uses it, you can actually watch her work. This means that you can observe her creativity and artistic process in action. It’s mesmerizing and so imagine my excitement when she suggested we do a project together!

This post is a little bit of a teaser because the joint #MRynecki and Paige Dansinger project is not quite finished. Last week I recorded a voice over narrative for the #DrawArt work Paige has created with several of my great-grandfather’s paintings and now that needs to be combined with the paintings Paige has completed and then finally uploaded for viewing. In the meantime, here are two photographs of me in a studio recording my voice over.

To learn more about Paige you can visit her website (she’s also on twitter: @museumpaige, Facebook, and Instagram).

You can also read this lovely article, Magic of Art with Paige Dansinger, that my friend Keri Douglas wrote about Paige on her own site,