Here’s a Rynecki quest mystery for you, in real time. There’s a Polish ebay-like website called and there’s a drawing/painting that seems to be by my great-grandfather that I’ve just discovered. It *was* for sale. In other words, while I can see the image on Googleimages, I cannot access the selling record on, where I might be able to learn the seller’s identity. I think there’s someway to get to archival information via archiwumallegro, but the last time I did this it took me awhile to figure out and at the moment am having trouble remembering the steps to find the information. These images are what I can see. Clearly the photos are low resolution, so I can’t really tell a whole lot. It looks like a pencil/pen drawing of a nude. The signature does look legitimate.

I tried to search the name of the stamp on the photo, Adam Klob, but I am not coming up with anything.  I also tried searching the name with the name Rynecki, but that doesn’t give me any leads either.

I very much want to track down this seller, and learn if there was a buyer.  Any leads greatly appreciated! You can email me: erynecki [at] yahoo [dot] com