Exciting Opening of the Jewish Art Salon in Warsaw


Haynt Dec. 13 1936

Haynt – 13 December 1936

Exciting Opening of the Jewish Art Salon in Warsaw

In the last few days there was the exiting opening of the Jewish Art Salon, which was organized by The Jewish Society for the Advancement of Art. The exhibit is on Marshalkovska [St.] A lot of people attended; among them were representatives of our most prominent citizens. One got the impression that Jewish Warsaw longed for a Jewish Salon.

Over 100 works were exhibited. There were metal sculptures, oil paintings, watercolors, graphics. The oldest Jewish painters in Poland were represented. There were also young people, who showed signs of talent. There are also a large number of women who are moving to the foreground. Those who took part were: M. Apelboym, Ben-Gis, A. Blaufuks, B. V. Broyner, Mrs. Tsentnershver, R. Tsimerman, H. Tsina, B. Tsukerman, Z. Dif, B. Dilman, N. Edelman, Mrs. Ayzner-Shneyer, Y. Fayngold, M. Fayering, M. Grushko, H. Hebtkop, A Hershaft, L. Hershman, Y. Kleynzinger, Y. Korenblit, Sh. Kronhaym, H. Landoy, A. Mikhalovitsh, Mrs. B. Natanzon, Y. Nisenboym, L. Perel, H. Rabinovitsh, M. Reyf, M. Rynetski, R. Rozental, D. Shenfeld, H. Shener, H. Shpigel, L. Shvergold, Sh. Teygman, M. Termbski, Kh. Tiber, Y. Tiktshniski, Y. Tinovyetski, F. Tikhanin, B. Zilbermints and Miss. Zilova.

A special place in this exhibition is occupied by the folk-artist who embroidered the ___ at the Joint [The Joint Distribution Committee].  There were also beshmeltsungen [Shmeltsn in Yiddish has to do with something melted. Perhaps these are metal castings made in the “lost wax” casting method?] In general, the whole exhibit elicited interest, and many works were sold.