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CHASING PORTRAITS: A Family’s Quest for their Lost Art Heritage

Moshe Rynecki was a prolific Warsaw-based artist who documented the Polish Jewish community in the interwar years, whose collection of over 800 paintings and sculptures was largely lost and thought destroyed in the Holocaust. The film documents my great-grandfather’s art and personal story, as well as my subsequent quest to discover and share his many missing works. The story consists of three primary parts: (1) an overview of Moshe’s life and art; (2) a brief introduction to the history of Holocaust era art looting and restitution, starting broadly and then focusing on Moshe’s art and legacy; and (3) my search for and discovery of many of Moshe’s lost paintings, including stories of how the works were found and who holds them. This 9 minute promotional trailer introduces audiences to the story and the project. The film is currently in production.

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