Chasing Portraits Pre-Order Goodies!

Pre-Order Chasing Portraits and get a signed bookplate and bookmark!

Here’s the scoop: If you pre-order the print edition of Chasing Portraits and email a copy of your receipt to, I will send you a signed bookplate (it has an adhesive backing) and a cool bookmark!


rynecki_bookmark_backWhy pre-order? Frankly, because it helps me. Pre-ordered books count towards first week sales numbers which gives the book the best chance of hitting best seller lists. Plus, strong pre-order numbers can inspire my publisher to print more books, which focuses both the publisher and booksellers on the book’s prospects and raises awareness for the documentary. So, if you can pre-order, I’d really appreciate it!

Where to pre-order? Some retail suggestions: your local independent bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Penguin Random House

The fine print: Forward an email receipt or a photo of a paper receipt for the print edition only to by August 15, 2016. Be sure to include your mailing address.